Following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, the citizens of Minneapolis took to the streets to protest police brutality toward people of color. Many small businesses were damaged after fires spread along the corridor. Lake Street Council wanted to empower the small businesses after the compounding affects of Covid-19 and these events.
Our challenge was to create a media campaign that encouraged local Minneapolis residents to visit Lake Street again and help the businesses along the corridor get back on their feet. Covid-19 further complicated things by adding in a layer of health and safety concerns. To resolve for both, we created a webpage with an interactive map to show the breadth and variety of businesses along the corridor, while also providing a way to purchase from these small businesses directly.
To build awareness, we created a full marketing campaign that made use of digital banner ads, social media marketing, full page magazine ads, and digital video. Physical stickers and storefront displays were also created to create local awareness.
Creative Direction: Greg Nations // Art Direction & Video : Kay Rossbach // Copywriter: Will Caesar // Production & Design: Ka Vang
Video Ads
We ran 3 different versions of video on Youtube, Instagram, and Instagram Stories.
Physical Display
To encourage exploration, the city sponsored storefront displays featuring the videos, physical merchandise, and products sold by the businesses on Lake Street.
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